Our Global Presence:
ICT Alliance is a global organization. Currently having its offices head office in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom and other offices in Toronto, Greater Manchester, Dhaka, Copenhagen, Esbjerg Denmark and along with its partners, is located in USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. It offers technology product and solutions. It believes in delivering value to customer, while configuring the value by packing product with service to converge to customers’ expectation.
ICT Alliance as an innovation company has strong book value for its intellectual assets. It is backed up by industries renounced management team, while the service professionals are well trained to deliver quality.
ICT Alliance is more focused in the need of its customers rather pushing solutions without understanding the pain. Many of its offering model comes with projects as investment and return in benefits, NOT projects that only incur costs. This model removes the risk of investment as it depicts clearly about the total cost of ownership of your solution, in terms of infrastructure, internal employees, project management cost, software and licenses, others, as a whole package, compared to the benefit of having this cost.

The organization made its strategy to bring different models in offering value to the customer. To sustain in the global depression, the organization also adopted the cost competitive resource augmentation model from anywhere in the globe. Since, the organization focuses on large verticals and selects the best performing company as its partner, with a differentiated offering to make it gives best solution with best quality control in wide range of products and services. It has a strategy of bringing such offering in RIGHT TIME to the market, conforming to standard product development lifecycle, hence involve in continuous improvement of product and associated process to maintain the quality. As a result, the customer experiences some features which others normally cannot make happen.