Project Management

Project management is a mature competency, but clients still struggle with consistent application of project management concepts, processes, and tools. As our clients have implemented project management capabilities, they often face challenges in the following areas:

  • Success from project to project is highly dependent on people, driving inconsistent results
  • Artifacts, processes, and tools are not generalized as organizational assets – they remain assets of the specific projects
  • Customers are impatient with the processes, and just want to “get the job done”

Our Project Management Services are first and foremost focused on consistently establishing and delivering on customer expectations. Our Project Management Services also help “fill the gaps” in client project management processes and tools, and drive tangible and sustainable improvement in their overall project management competency.
ICT Alliance differentiates itself as a project management service provider through its approach to developing and delivering value-added services:

  • Our People: We have “Raised the Bar” on recruiting talented and experienced Professional project managers. The standard profile for a PM includes 6-10 years of direct project management experience, PMP certification, and experience managing a wide-variety of types and sizes of projects.
  • Best Practices: At the core of ICT Alliance’s project management service offering are our best practices that have been developed and implemented with an emphasis on the practical application of the “critical” concepts and processes established by PMI.
  • Training: Our best practices are re-enforced with all practicing project managers through an internal training and certification process.
  • Extending Capabilities: As clients build a strong foundation of project management capabilities, ICT Alliance helps them extend these capabilities into the areas of program and portfolio management. Extending capabilities into these areas assists clients with establishing a more efficient delivery model, and ensuring strategic alignment with the organization’s goals and strategies.